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BOWDLER SHARPE (Richard).An Analytical Index to the Works of the Late John Gould, A PHOTOCOPY of the lists of plates (only), from the original edition of 1893, with extensive typewritten additions.
Not published. 30.5 x 21.5cm. Hardback, blue buckram. This is a PHOTOCOPY of the plate lists from Sharpe's 'index' of 1893. These list the plates in each volume in the order in which they appeared, by not alphabetically within the volume nor for the complete set as one alphabetical list.This has been augmented here with alphabetical lists English/Latin and Latin/English (or scientific/common names). Thus: 1st. Photocopy of Sharpe's lists by volume. 2nd. alphabetical lists for the whole work English/Latin. 3rd. Latin/English. This means that in Birds of Great Britain, for example, finding 'Kingfisher' would entail trailing through the contents lists of each volume. In this bespoke copy it can readily be found in the English/Latin list, which then gives the volume/plate number and the scientific name 'Alcedo ispida'. The same process may be used for the Latin/English lists,so, 'Corvus corax' gives 'raven', vol. 3, plate 57. The lists are:-1. Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains,1831-32. 2. Birds of Europe, 1832-37. 3.Toucans, 1833-35 & Toucans, '52-54. 4. Trogons, 1836-38 & Trogons, '58-75. 5.Australia, 1837-3, Australia, '51-69 & Supplement, '51-69. 6. Asia, 1850-83. 7. Great Britain, 1862-73. 8. Humming Birds, 1849-61 & 80-87. 9. New Guinea, 1875-88. 10. Pittidae, 1880. 11. Birds of Paradise, 1891-98 (not in Sharpe). A unique and useful volume. Envíos para España: el pago contra reembolso conlleva un recargo de 4 Euros.

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